Nursing Programs in New York – NY

Nursing programs in New York enable students to deepen their knowledge in subject matter like anatomy, chemistry and nutrition so they understand the many facets of the profession.  Master of science students strengthen their understanding of the business and administrative principles of the medical field.  In all nursing degree programs, students are equipped with the knowledge needed to work in concert with other health care professionals to support patients’ well-being, and they also hone their verbal and written communication skills so they can better communicate with a diverse group of patients and physicians alike.

Nursing programs are offered both on-campus and online.  Web-based programs are especially convenient for older students and for those with lifestyle and schedule demands such as full-time employment and families.  In addition to class work, most nursing programs in New York require students to complete a supervised, hands-on learning experience to better prepare them for the on-the-job requirements they will encounter.  This field work may take place at a hospital, clinic, nursing home or other approved healthcare facility.

The New York State Office of the Professions awards nursing licensure once graduates of nursing programs successfully pass the National Council Licensure Exam, which consists of multiple choice, fill-in and data-oriented questions.  In addition to passing this test, the state outlines in its requirements that licensed nurses must be of good moral character. 

Nursing Schools