Salary for a Nurse in Delaware - DE

Many nurses find their work to be emotionally grueling but rewarding: nursing gives you the opportunity to help people in need every day. But nursing’s rewards aren’t all altruistic: it’s also a financially rewarding profession, offering high salaries, good benefits, and great job prospects far into the future.

In Delaware, an ongoing nursing shortage has put nurses in high demand, so finding employment is unlikely to be a problem for a trained nurse. The average salary for a nurse in Delaware, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $70,770, significantly above the national average, though this figure is likely to depend somewhat on where you are living. Nurses in the Wilmington metropolitan area, for example, make around $70,090, while nurses in the Sussex County region make slightly less, with an average salary of $68,920.

Your place of employment also makes a difference in your salary. Nurses employed by large hospitals like Kent General Hospital in Dover or Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford often receive higher salaries and more comprehensive benefits than those who work for schools, clinics, or nursing homes.

Finally, education and experience are extremely important. Although not required, achieving expertise in a high-demand field like home healthcare and becoming certified by a body like the American Nurses Credentialing Center can significantly increase your earning power and give you the edge in getting the jobs you want.

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