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Salary for a Nurse in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

In May 2008, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the average wages for nurses nationwide was $62,450, with the middle 50% earning somewhere between $51,640 and $76,570. Given these statistics, nursing salaries in the District of Columbia and definitely higher than average. In fact, nursing employed in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria region earn annual incomes close to $74,130 or hourly wages close to $35.64. Furthermore, nurses working the metropolitan district of Washington-Arlington-Alexandria region earn just a slightly lower average annual pay of $73,240 or hourly wages of $35.21. However, the top 10% of nurses could potentially earn over $92,000 annually.

Nurses in the District of Columbia that strive to earn prime salaries should take steps to enhance career advancement opportunities. For instance, some nurses can earn job promotions that lead to pay raises by engaging in further on-the-job training. Also, some nurses decide to go back to school to gain additional education through advanced degree programs, thus qualifying them for managerial or supervisory positions which offer higher salaries. Another way nurses commonly expedite career advancement is by acquiring additional credentials in nursing specialties through agencies like the American Nursing Credentialing Center and the National League for Nursing. Finally, nurses that pursue job positions with high-levels of responsibilities are more likely to benefit from increased wages.

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