Salary for a Nurse in Florida - FL

Nursing can be a very emotionally satisfying career: each day nurses go to work knowing that they are helping others. Yet there are less altruistic benefits as well. Nursing offers excellent salaries, benefits, and job prospects to qualified candidates. 

An ongoing nursing shortage in Florida has put nurses in particularly high demand, so finding employment shouldn’t be a problem. The average salary for a nurse in Florida, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ranges from $43,350 in Punta Gorda to $66,920 in Miami.

In response to high turnover rates, many hospitals offer excellent salaries and benefits to attract and retain qualified nurses. Salaries at doctor’s offices and outpatient clinics may be lower, but you are likely to have more regular working hours and a less stressful working environment.

Nursing also offers many opportunities for advancement to Florida’s hardest-working and most ambitious nurses. Many nurses begin as entry-level staff members in large hospitals and gradually make their way up to head nurse or administrative positions. Others decide to return to school and enter advanced nursing professions like nurse-midwifery.

Qualifications also play a major role in determining your salary in Florida. Nurses with a bachelor’s degree or more advanced degree are likely to make more than those with an associate’s degree or diploma. Furthermore, though not required, certification in a specialized area by an organization like the National League for Nursing can signal to employers that you are willing to go above and beyond and make you a more desirable job candidate.

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