Salary for a Nurse in Indiana - IN

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports nursing salaries in Indiana range from approximately $38,000 to $58,000 a year.  Wages earned depend on the type of nursing credential an individual possesses, i.e., either an ADN or BSN.  Salaries are also contingent on the industry in which nurses are employed, with wages differing among those employed by hospitals, private physician offices, managed care centers and public health facilities.

In addition to industry differences, nursing income can vary according to whether individuals work in urban, suburban or rural settings.  Because nurses in major cities such as Indianapolis may work longer hours and treat more patients than those in less populated cities, these professionals may earn more than their colleagues in other locations across the state.  For this reason, individuals will need to think carefully about the kind of setting in which they prefer to work as well as how it will affect their professional and personal schedules and annual salaries.

About 20% of nurses across the country are either union members or covered by a union contract, which supports their efforts to protect their wages and benefits.  Many are also eligible for educational reimbursement, child care services and monetary bonuses. 

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