Salary for a Nurse in Iowa - IA

Nursing salaries in Iowa range in accordance to a number of factors including degree type and location.  On average, individuals who earn nursing degrees at community colleges earn less than those who earn degrees at four-year institutions.  For instance, those who practice with ADN credentials in the state earn $36,300 a year while four-year and graduate nursing degree holders earn $51,930 annually.  Nevertheless, individuals should carefully consider which degree program best aligns with their career objectives and interests.

Across the country, salaries are typically higher in major cities and metropolitan areas, and this is no different among nurses in Iowa.  This is because nurses in densely populated cities in the state must treat more patients than those in rural settings as well as often work longer hours during their shifts at renowned facilities such as the Iowa Methodist Medical Center.  Although these nurses earn higher incomes, individuals may be more interested in practicing in rural settings in which the pace can be less hectic and where there is a greater need for skilled health care experts who provide treatment that would otherwise not be available.

Approximately one-fifth of nurses in the U.S. are union members, which provides them a means to both ensure fair compensation and to protect their wages.  In addition, many nurses receive benefits beyond traditional health insurance, including reimbursement for continuing education and performance bonuses.

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