Salary for a Nurse in Montana - MT

Nurses make a solid middle class income. Nursing salaries in Montana are very much above the average annual pay, across job sectors, for the region. This is true even for those with one year degrees, although education level and credentialing affect pay more than any other factor. An LPN can expect to make about $16.76 per hour or $34,900 annually, while an RN will average $55,800. Those who go on to become nurse practitioners can expect even higher salaries. Of course, as will any educated profession, a person starts out making somewhat below the mean, but sees a rise as years pass.

Work setting also has some bearing on salary. One’s location within the state is another minor variable. The following list shows city averages, based on recent job postings with ‘nursing ‘in the title. The data reflects a range of positions, with different educational requirements, but it may give some sense of regional variations. Salaries are listed in descending order:

  • Billings $49,000
  • Great Falls $47,000
  • Butte $44,000
  • Bozeman $44,000
  • Helena $44,000
  • Missoula $43,000

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