Salary for a Nurse in Nebraska - NE

Nurses make a comfortable middle class salary, but the figure varies quite a bit according to educational level and credentialing. Nursing salaries in Nebraska depend on experience and licensing. LPNs here earn a mean hourly rate of $17.13, which translates into an annual salary of $35,600. RNs have a mean salary of $25.35 an hour or $52,700 per year.

Work setting also has some effect on salary. Across the nation, registered nurses who work for hospitals generally earn more than their counterparts who work in home health care or care facilities. Surprisingly, with licensed practical nurses, the trend reverses. At this level, care facilities and home settings offer slightly better salaries. Nurses who work for employment services, whether RNs or LPNs, generally make more than the industry average.

The effect of geographic location within the state is also comparatively minor. A recent search through Indeed.com revealed only slight differences among Nebraska’s major cities. The following are average nursing salaries for major Nebraska cities, based on recent job postings:

  • Omaha $46,000
  • Lincoln $44,000
  • Bellevue $46,000
  • Grand Island $47,000

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