Salary for a Nurse in Ohio - OH

The annual average salary for a nurse in Ohio is affected by the location of the job, the type of facility at which the nurse is employed, and the educational background and experience level the nurse has. According to the Ohio Board of Nursing, nurses in the state enjoy high levels of job security in addition to benefits, flexible scheduling, tuition assistance, career growth opportunities, and a variety of work options. The health care industry is one of the largest in the state, employing more than 10 percent of all workers.

Although Ohio ranks only 34th in area in the United States, it is the 7th most populous, having more than 11 million residents. The seven largest cities in the state swell in population when the entire metropolitan area is considered—all at least double in size and many triple or quadruple. Ohio also has a slightly higher percentage of residents over the age of 65 in its population than the U.S. average, which means the need for health care professionals will continue to grow.
Listed below are average salary figures for several metropolitan areas in Ohio as provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are listed in order of the largest cities/metropolitan areas.

  • Columbus:  $61,890
  • Cleveland:  $62,430
  • Cincinnati:  $61,760
  • Toledo:  $56,830
  • Akron:  $61,020
  • Dayton:  $60,060
  • Canton:  $58,170

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