Salary for a Nurse in South Carolina - SC

As of 2009, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average annual salary for nurses employed in South Carolina was $59,680. On the other hand, nurses that were paid an hourly wage generally made approximately $28.69/hr. However, just as salaries tend to vary between states as a result of local economic conditions, population differences, and job competition, so too do salaries statistics shift in relation to geographic location within a state.  Therefore, nurses that are able and willing to relocate for a position are more likely to earn optimal salaries.

Nursing salaries in South Carolina between metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas are actually quite comparable despite the fact that job availability in metropolitan regions is more plentiful. The highest income average in a metropolitan area is found in the Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville region, with nursing salaries of $64,850/yr. and wages of $31.18/hr. The second highest pay for nurses in a metropolitan area is in the Augusta-Richmond County section, with nurses earning closer to $63,090/yr. and $30.33/hr. The third ranked metropolitan area is in the city of Columbia, where nurses typically get paid an average of $59,830/yr. and $28.76/hr.

In terms of non-metropolitan regions, nurses that work in the Lower Savannah vicinity could potentially earn an impressive income of $70,180/yr. or $33.74/hr. The next highest paying place for nurses in rural South Carolina is in the Low County where the average nursing salary is $61,740/yr. and the average wage is $29.69/hr. Finally, nurses employed in the Pee Dee district can expect approximately $55,560/yr. or $26.71/hr.

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