Salary for a Nurse in South Dakota - SD

Nursing salaries in South Dakota are widely diverse depending on an employee’s formal training, educational background, work environment, job responsibilities, geographical location, and level of experience. Those with the ambition and opportunity to earn advanced degrees, gain additional field-related certifications, and specialized training are more likely to experience higher incomes and heightened job security. Currently, the average salary for nurses in the state is somewhere between $46,000/yr. and $58,000/yr. However, as the demand for nurses continues to grow on both a national and statewide level, this annual average is expected to increase in the coming decade.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics names Rapid City as the highest-paying metropolitan city for nurses in 2009, with nurses earning an average salary of $57,560/yr. or average wage of $27.67/hr. The next highest-paying metropolitan city is Sioux Falls. Here, nurses are generally awarded an annual income of $55,410/yr. or $26.64/hr. Finally, the third highest-paying metropolitan city is Rapid City, where nurses often receive salaries around $47,780/yr. or wages around $22.97/hr. Not to be outdone, non-metropolitan areas compensate nurses with comparable salaries and wages. For instance, nurses in the Western region of South Dakota typically earn $54,640/yr. or $26.27/hr. In addition, nurses employed in the Eastern region earn an average pay of $49,540/yr. or $23.82/hr. Finally, in the Central region, nurses earn approximately $46,590/yr. or $22.40/hr.  

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