Salary for a Nurse in Utah - UT

Nursing salaries in Utah remain competitive with salaries for nurses working in the rest of the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Utah makes an annual salary of $39,840. The average Registered Nurse (RN) practicing in Utah makes a yearly income of about $59,370. These salary figures compare positively with the national average salary for an LPN ($40,900) and for that of an RN ($66,530).

Pay may vary for nurses depending upon educational background, areas of specialization (if any), the setting in which a job is located and the area of Utah where one works. Wages, for example, are higher in Salt Lake City for both LPNs ($42,370) and RNs ($60,930) than they are in the Eastern Utah non metropolitan area, where LPNs make approximately $35,590 annually and RNs earn an average annual salary of $54,670. Salaries for LPNs and RNs (a classification of the BLS which also includes Advanced Practice RNs) working in other parts of Utah are listed below:

Utah City LPN Salary RN Salary
Logan, UT $34,820 $55,330
Ogden, UT $41,980 $57,640
Provo-Orem, UT $36,740 $59,230
West central non metro area $35,210 $57,670

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