Nursing Schools in Illinois – IL

StateHealthFacts.org reports that almost a half million of those employed in Illinois are professionals within the health care services industry.  This figure, which includes nurses, is poised to increase in the future as aging Americans require additional medical treatment, response mechanisms to epidemic outbreaks become unavoidable and technological advancements spur job creation in the field.  As result, graduates of nursing schools in Illinois will find career opportunities in major cities such as Chicago, Aurora, Rockford and Joliet.

Nursing schools in Illinois provide students the chance to pursue their choice of degree program.  Some may wish to earn associate degrees in the field, which generally require about two years of coursework, while those who wish to earn bachelor degrees can enroll in four-year institutions that offer nursing programs.  Master of Science in Nursing degrees provide instruction that can enable individuals to broaden their professional opportunities, e.g., through careers in nursing administration, nursing education and areas of specialized work in the field.  In each of these degree programs, students are encouraged to approach patient care in ways that support both their physical and emotional health.  Only through the synthesis of their knowledge and humanity can practitioners in the field make a lasting difference in the lives of others.

Nursing Schools