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Nursing Schools in Texas – TX

In addition to being the licensing agency for nurses in Texas, the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners also approves nursing schools in the state. The Board specifies certain courses that must be found in both Vocational Nursing (VN) and Professional Nursing (RN) education programs. Students who wish to become licensed nurses in Texas must graduate from one of the in-state college nursing programs approved and accredited by the Board. The Board does not recognize graduates from out-of-state nursing programs although they may be approved or accredited by other State Boards of Nursing.  An accredited in-state program will make an applicant eligible to apply to take the NCLEX examination so as to receive licensure in Texas.

The Texas Board of Nurse Examiners lists VN and RN schools that are approved on their website. These schools offer a variety of degree and certificate options. VNs can get their education through nursing programs within colleges or universities; even training programs conducted by hospitals are recognized. Prospective RNs in Texas have the option of pursuing a bachelor or associate degree nursing program. As of 2010, the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners has approved 97 VN programs and 99 RN programs in Texas.

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