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Kansas Nutrition Schools

There are a number of nutritionist schools in Kansas with the Commission on Dietetic Registration's seal of approval ( whose programs support nutritionist certification in Kansas. These schools, which offer students with an education that balances both theory and practice, also meet Kansas state standards for a degree in nutrition, dietetics, athletic training, public health nutrition, and lifespan nutrition.

According to Kansas state law, nutritionists must obtain a Bachelor's degree from state and CDR-approved schools before they can apply for licensure. Most of the Bachelor's degree programs offered through these schools take four to five years to complete, and cost up to $40,000 or more.

Students spend their first two to three years studying the liberal arts. Liberal arts courses can cultivate the strong writing, communication, and analytical skills needed for their major courses. These courses may also be included as a part of the nutrition major, making liberal arts courses an essential foundation for any nutrition major.

The final two to three years are devoted to studying nutrition and preparing for hands-on training. A typical course set includes courses in human nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and metabolism. Students can also take courses in organic chemistry, athletic training, food science, or biometrics if their interests vary from a typical nutrition or dietetics major.

Nutritionists in Kansas are not required to obtain a Master's degree before they can begin their practice. Instead, they are required to apply for licensure by examination through the Commission on Dietetic Registration, or the certifying body of the American Dietetic Association.  When students take and pass the CDR exam, their licenses are valid for up to two years. After the two-year period is over, they can renew by obtaining continuing education credits from an ADA-approved program.

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