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Nutritionist School in Kentucky

Kentucky Nutrition Schools

Nutritionist schools in Kentucky offer a wide array of degree programs that suit the needs of any student interested in pursuing an education, career, and certification in this rewarding field. Students in Kentucky's nutrition programs can choose to obtain their degrees in human nutrition, dietetics, food science, supplemental nutrition assistance, or lifespan nutrition.

Since Kentucky's nutritionists are required to obtain a degree at the Master's level, aspiring nutritionists can expect to spend up to eight years in school. They can also expect to spend up to $60,000 or more on their education, depending on the type of schools they attend and whether they can take on a full load of courses each semester.

Students spend their first four to five years in their Bachelor's degree programs, which provide them with a foundational understanding of the field. Though most of their time is spent taking liberal arts and nutrition courses, students can gain hands-on experience by volunteering or observing a nutritionist at Western State Hospital, Norton Hospital, or one of the many university hospitals. This can count toward the 900 hours of preprofessional training they are required to obtain, and can bring greater meaning to their organic chemistry, pharmacology, anatomy, and food science classes.

Students can delve into their Master's degree programs immediately after they finish their undergraduate course work. Master's degrees can take up to three years to complete, and can provide students with an experience that will set the foundation for their careers. When students in Kentucky take part in these education programs, they divide their time between hands-on training and courses that build their understanding of food science, human nutrition, community nutrition, or dietetics.

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