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Nutritionist School in Louisiana

Louisiana Nutrition Schools

Nutritionist schools in Louisiana are among the best in the nation. In addition to holding the Commission on Dietetic Registration's seal of approval, these schools also provide students with an education that balances industry-focused courses with hands-on application.

Louisiana's nutritionists are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree before they can apply for CDR certification; they are not required to have a Master's degree. A Bachelor's degree in Nutrition takes four to six years to complete. Students study a wide variety of topics throughout the four to six years that they spend in school.

The first two years of any Bachelor's degree program is dominated by general education/liberal arts courses. These courses serve as the building blocks of the strong communication, analytical, and oral skills needed for a career in nutrition, and they can provide students with the rare opportunity to explore their majors early on, as general education courses can sometimes count towards a major.

Students spend the final years of their education in their major classes and undergraduate internships. Since most nutrition schools in Louisiana place dietetics, food science, and human nutrition majors in the same classes, nutrition students can expect a few of their classes to be mixed (e.g., classes in organic chemistry, dietetics, metabolism, and food safety). But since each major requires different things from their students, they can also expect to be in classes with students of the same major.

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