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Nutritionist School in Maine

Maine Nutrition Schools

Most nutritionist schools in Maine are located in densely populated areas, such as Bangor and Portland. No matter where they go, aspiring nutritionists can be assured that they will receive a strong education that will prepare them for this rewarding career.

One of the best ways to find accredited nutrition schools is to search the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs' database of accredited schools. By visiting this link, students can gain a better understanding of the degree programs available at each of Maine's CAAHEP and CDR-approved nutrition schools.

Maine's CAAHEP-approved nutrition schools make it easy for anyone to obtain a degree in Human Nutrition, Food and Nutrition, Food System Administration, or Dietetics. Many of these programs offer a healthy blend of online and on-site courses, which can be ideal for students with commitments outside of school.

No matter which route they choose, aspiring nutritionists can expect to spend their first two to three years in general education courses. Students cultivate strong oral, written, scientific, and analytical skills by studying English, organic chemistry, and mathematics.

The final two to three years are spent studying dietetics, human nutrition, metabolism, and other topics that may pertain specifically to an individual student's major. These classes, when paired with the skills gained from general education classes, can provide students with a skill set and understanding that will serve as the brick and mortar foundation for their nutrition careers in Maine.

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