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Nutritionist schools in Maryland offer a wide variety of majors and opportunities for professional growth. With Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Food Science, Dietetics, and Human Nutrition, students have ample opportunity to create an educational experience that will ensure a strong professional metamorphosis.

In addition to obtaining licensure through the Commission on Dietetic Registration, nutritionists in Maryland are required to obtain a minimum of a Master's degree before they can practice independently. A Master's degree can take two years to complete if students pursue the major full-time.

Nutritionists must have a Bachelor's degree before they can pursue a Master's degree in Nutrition. A Bachelor's degree in Nutrition, Food Science, or Dietetics can take up to five years to complete if students pursue their degrees full-time.

The first two years of a Bachelor's degree program are devoted to providing students with the most basic skills this profession will require. When students take the general education courses required for every major, they foster the strong writing, communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills needed for their degrees.

Students build upon these skills and create new ones through their major courses, in which they study nutrition, dietetics, metabolism, food safety, microbiology, and other topics related to their major. These courses take up a good portion of the final two years that students spend in their undergraduate programs, and may even make up some portion of their Master's programs.

A Master's degree extends the knowledge students gain in their undergraduate programs, and enhances their understanding of a particular aspect of nutrition. Master's degree courses are often combined with further professional training and research, providing students with a solid foundation for their careers.

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