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Montana Nutrition Schools

There are only a few places that offer post-secondary academic degrees in nutrition, which are through state universities in Montana. These state universities will offer either a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food and Nutrition, Master of Science in Food, Family, and Community Health Sciences, or a Master of Science Degree in Exercise and Nutritional Science. Students that enroll in one of these degree programs can expect to complete courses such as: Nutrition Assessment and Counseling, Nutrition and Society, Nutrition for Sports and Exercise, Nutrition in the Lifestyle, Macronutrient Metabolism, Global Foods Perspectives, and Health Disparities. The goal of most of these programs is to qualify students to sit for national nutrition competency examination administered by a certification agency.

Although on-campus education in nutrition is admittedly limited, students in Montana are fortunate to have both online and distance learning opportunities that not only eliminate the need to commute, but also offer a wider variety of nutrition degrees. For instance, students enrolling in these alternative educational programs could receive the following degrees in nutrition: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science, Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition, Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science, and Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Public Health. If practical training as a nutritionist is not provided by these programs, students are encouraged to acquire hands-on experience through internship opportunities, paid work positions, or volunteer activities. Students in Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Butte, Bozeman, and Helena, may find these types of practical training experience options through health care facilities like: Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Kalispell Regional Medical Center, Northern Montana Hospital, and St. Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center.       

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