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Nutritionist certification in North Carolina will be granted on a national level.  Many states, and North Carolina is one of these, choose to honor the certification set forth by the American Dietetic Association (ADA).  Qualifying for and passing the ADA certification exam to become a Registered Dietitian (RD) qualifies a nutritionist to practice in the State of North Carolina as such.

The requirements set for the by the American Dietetic Association that allows graduates to sit for the exam of Registered Dietitian includes completion of a four-year bachelor program with a focus on nutrition, dietetics, community health, public health or a related field.  In addition there is a requirement for a prospective nutritionist to complete a 900 hour course from an American Dietetic Association approved program before taking the exam to earn the accreditation of Registered Dietitian.  Taking and passing this national exam is a secure way to establish your presence in this particular healthcare field and will serve as a failsafe to an individual who is more mobile in his or her career and who has a desire to move from state to state.  This is the most widely recognized and supported exam in the United States for becoming a certified nutritionist.

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