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Nutritionist certification in North Dakota opens an avenue to a rewarding career that provides invaluable services to our society as we seek to live more healthful and long-lasting lives.  Deciding to embark on this career is to enter into a vast array of opportunities as this career is one that offers a never-ending educational experience. 

Initial training to become a certified nutritionist in North Dakota normally requires a four-year bachelors degree in nutrition, dietetics, community health, public health or a related field and the course work will typically include course such as  food and nutrition sciences, foodservice systems management, business, economics, computer science, sociology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology and chemistry.

Following the completion of a four-year degree program in North Dakota, there is a clinical requirement to complete an internship at an accredited location before sitting for the licensed dietitian exam offered by the American Dietetic Association.

Once achieving the accreditation of licensed dietitian, most nutritionists will continue on to seek higher education and specialize in one of the many unique areas of nutrition.  The study of food and the body’s reaction to nutrients and environmental variables is an on-going and fascinating field of study.  The more education a professional seeks as a nutritionist, the more they will have to offer prospective North Dakota employers and the more secure their career will be.

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