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There are different ways to become qualified to work as a nutritionist in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma supports the accreditation of Licensed Dietitian (LD) offered but the nationally recognized American Dietetic Association.  Licensed Dietitians must also pass the examination given by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. In addition, Oklahoma supports the distinction of Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR), which involves completion of a two-year associates degree from an accredited institution and passing of an exam administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Nutritionist certification in Oklahoma will prepare you to work in many different areas of nutrition. One such area may be educating people on the value and specifics of nutrition.   Nutrition education teaches individuals, consumer groups, health professionals and employers in industry and government about the connection between good nutrition and strong health. They also demonstrate ways people can incorporate a better quality of nutrition into their daily lives for an enhanced quality of life.  Employers learn that they can benefit by implementing wellness programs and fitness areas into the workplace, as people have more energy, better attitude and miss fewer sick days when they are eating better and exercising on a regular basis.  Providing these healthful benefits will attract a higher level or employee to begin with and promote company loyalty. 

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