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The decision to enter into the field of healthcare as a nutritionist is an exciting one. To embrace and embark on the training required for this profession will be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor.  Nutritionist training in Oregon is supported by a host of top notch medical clinics located throughout the state. To become an employable nutritionist, you must advance in a multifaceted training path including academics and clinical experience.  Samplings of hospitals that offer a desirable environment for the clinical portion of your training in Oregon include Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center, Oregon Health and Science University Hospital, Sacred Heart Medical Center and Salem Hospital. 

The field of healthcare continues to become more and more specialized as information becomes increasingly available and technology continues to play an intricate part in our healthcare system.  There are numerous areas of specialization in the nutritionist profession.  One of these specialized areas worth considering as your training focus is nutrition research.   Our knowledge base of how food works with the body is always expanding and changing as the qualities of our food are undergoing rapid evolution.  In today’s marketplace of genetically altered food, it is a constant job to keep up with how these altered molecules in food affect the body.

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