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The role of a nutritionist in South Carolina becomes more important all the time as our nation becomes increasingly in tune with health and public interest in good nutrition and health consciousness continues to grow.  Nutritionist training in South Carolina is a two-part endeavor including both education and clinical experience with real people in the real world.  The training normally begins with the academic portion.  This training can be sought after within an institution of higher learning, and South Carolina offers many to choose from. The larger cities in the state offer more choices, and because of this you want to begin your research into desirable schools in and around the cities of Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston and Greenville.  If you are more rurally located there are smaller schools available that offer good nutritionist programs as well.  There is also the option of pursuing your training in South Carolina by attending an on-line University of which there is an abundance.

The second tier of training for a professional career as a nutritionist focuses on clinical experience where valuable learning is to take place while working with real people and their nutrition-related problems.  These problems can included everything from working with people with disease and formulating a plan of care with nutritional changes as a central focus, to formulating a well-balanced meal plan for a large group of people such as hospital employees that dine in the hospital cafeteria.

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