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The population of the United States and the people of South Dakota have been experiencing a steady increase in obesity and related illness over recent decades.  This trend is expected to continue as the nation continues to evolve towards a sedentary lifestyle that includes an abundant availability of low quality food.  Nutritionist training in South Dakota provides the educational path to a career that will put graduates in a position to help enable individuals to learn how to lead healthy lifestyles through the intake of quality nutrition, which contributes to the personal and professional satisfaction nutritionists experience by empowering their clients.

Nutrition didn’t use to be such as issue as nutrient-rich, organic, fresh food was more the norm than the exception.  With the movement of big agriculture becoming big business instead of the intimate family farms of the past, the quality of nutrition and the availability of high-quality food has become second to profit and ease of distribution.  This has led to a real decline in the overall health of our country and a nutritionist can play an important part in educating and guiding people on how to reincorporate healthy food back into their lives.  Training to become a nutritionist in South Dakota can start in high school for those insightful enough to recognize a pull towards this sector of the healthcare field by signing up for classes such as biology, communication, and food science.

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