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Tennessee is a magnificent state of wild forests, untamed rivers, and majestic mountains.  Experiencing these gifts of nature inspire you to connect with your healthiest self and through doing this, you will be prepared to offer this knowledge to help others do the same.  Nutritionist certification in Tennessee opens up many doors for gainful employment, where your options are limited only by your imagination.

Each state has its own unique specifications for certification as a nutritionist.  While it is not required by law to be certified to work under this professional title in Tennessee, gaining accreditation demonstrates your knowledge and ability to both clients and prospective employers.  Tennessee is currently one of twenty three states that do not require a state registration to practice as a nutritionist.  However, to become a member of the Tennessee Dietetic Association and experience the support of this professional organization, the state does require that you pass the American Dietetic Association exam and qualify as a licensed dietitian.

There are many specialized areas in which to seek employment as a trained nutritionist in Tennessee. Some of these specialties include dietary plan research, development and coordination, which may involve planning and preparation for corporate food service providers. Others specialties include nutritional research, hospital and healthcare nutritional care plan evaluation, nutrition training and education, as well as public and private nutrition consulting.

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