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Salary of a Nutritionist in Arkansas

Nutritionist Salaries in Arkansas

The need for nutritionists in Arkansas is escalating, especially in the juvenile population. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 37.5 percent of Arkansas’ children are either overweight or obese, and are at high risk for joining the 17.3 percent of adults who already have diabetes.

Nutritionists in Arkansas certainly have their work cut out for them, and with an average salary of $51,000 per year, they can be assured that their careers will be just as financially rewarding as they will be emotionally rewarding. Salaries, of course, can vary from city to city.

Pay for Nutritionists in Arkadelphia, Little Rock and Fort Smith, for example, typically ranges between $44,000–$47,000 per year. Nutritionists in towns like Wynne have a greater opportunity for making more money. These individuals typically earn a nutritionist salary of $50,000 per year, and can make even more if they choose to specialize in a particular area of nutrition.

Salaries can also vary from specialization to specialization. Nutritionists who work in food administration, for example, may have larger salaries than Nutritionists who work in the public sector. Ultimately, figuring out a salary for a nutritionist in Arkansas is equally dependent on what one does within the broad field of nutrition and where one in employed.

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