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Salary of a Nutritionist in California

The nutritionist salary in California is roughly $57,000 per year. Some of the factors that can influence the annual salary include experience, level of certification, and what type of institution that you are working for. The largest factor that plays into salary is without a doubt experience. However, having a CCN or CNS certification up front will undoubtedly help you to appear more competent and confident, as well as help you to earn more money.

Take a look at these annual salaries for the major cities in California:

  • San Diego: $51,000
  • Los Angeles: $57,000
  • Sacramento: $57,000
  • San Francisco: $65,000
  • San Jose: $65,000

Continuing Education Requirements

As a certified clinical nutritionist, you will be expected to complete at least 40 hours of continuing education every two years. A certified nutrition specialist must have at least 75 credits and must re-certify every five years.

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