Nutritionist Salary in Connecticut - CT

The average salary of a nutritionist in Connecticut is high compared to nutritionists in other states. Nutritionist salaries in Connecticut can range from $48,000–$63,000, with the highest pay rates resting in Stamford and the surrounding areas. Nutritionists in areas like Washington may see a lower pay wage than their counterparts in Stamford, Hartford, or New Haven. With an average salary of $48,000 per year, these individuals sit on the lower end of the median.

Nutritionist pay rates can also vary between specialties—even if the nutritionists have the same amount of experience and education. For example, a geriatric nutritionist may have a higher salary than a school nutritionist or weight loss consultant. This can change if nutritionists find themselves in an area with a higher demand for school nutritionists and weight loss consultants and a lower demand for geriatric nutritionists. If the demographics were to change—if nutritionists found themselves in an area where school nutritionists were in greater demand than geriatric nutritionists—school nutritionists would have the potential for earning higher salaries than their geriatric comrades.

Despite the potential for a minor difference in salaries, aspiring nutritionists will find that the demand for nutritionists in all areas of the profession (public health nutrition, geriatric nutrition, child nutrition, etc.) is increasing, and is expected to maximize within the next 10– 20 years. Rest assured, they can be confidant that they will be guaranteed job stability as they grow into this rewarding career.

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