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Salary of a Nutritionist in District of Columbia

Nutritionist Salaries in Washington, D.C.

Restaurants and hospitals are the most obvious place to start when seeking a job. Government and the military are also huge sources of employment.  Many of these positions will require a security clearance and include compensation that is more rewarding than private sector positions. A current position offered in Washington, DC is Vice President of Nutrition Affairs and Nutrition Program Analyst.

Current openings and annual nutritionist salaries in Washington, DC are as follows:

  • Nutritionist - $62,000
  • Health technician - $47,000
  • Clinical dietician  - $70,000 - $72,000
  • Nutrition aide  - $42,000
  • Diet technician -  $44,000
  • Registered dietician  -$68,000

The best thing that has ever happened to dieticians and future nutritionists is Michelle Obama. The first lady has taken on school meals and is a leading health advocate for the 31 million students that attend our public schools. Mrs. Obama is forcing a head-on look at the high amounts of sugar and low amounts of fresh vegetables served to our children.  The program “Lets Move�? launched February 2010 is actively demanding major dietary changes across the U.S. This means job security for dieticians and nutritionists as well as higher salaries and an increased demand for these trained professionals.

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