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Salary of a Nutritionist in Florida

Nutritionist Salaries in Florida

A nutritionist salary in Florida usually averages out to be $56,000 each year. Again, there are several things that can cause this figure to vary. Experience is probably at the top of the list of things that will determine the eventual outcome of your annual income. However, holding a CCN or CNS title will obviously make you more valuable as a nutritionist, thus entitling you to more money each year.

These are the average annual salaries for major cities in Florida:

  • Miami: $55,000
  • Orlando: $50,000
  • Jacksonville: $53,000
  • Tallahassee: $51,000
  • Tampa: $52,000

Certificate Continuing Education

Both the CNCB and the CBNS mandate that you should continue your education in order to keep your certificate and title current. A CCN must take 40 credit hours for every two years, a CNS 75 credits for every five years.

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