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Salary of a Nutritionist in Georgia

Nutritionist Salaries in Georgia

This is a very highly paid profession, and a nutritionist salary in Georgia appears to be around $63,000 every year. Given the nature of this work and the accountability to the public, it is not surprising that nutritionists are compensatively valued for their work.

In addition, many positions in this field are commensurate with experience, so the more experience that you have and the higher the level of certification, it stands to reason that you will be at the top of the pay bracket for nutritionists.

This is a list of the annual salaries of the major cities in Georgia:

  • Augusta: $58,000
  • Columbus: $55,000
  • Macon: $48,000
  • Athens: $54,000
  • Atlanta: $61,000
  • Albany: $63,000

Requirement to Continue School

As an expert in the field of nutrition, you need to understand how drastically medical advancements and improvements can affect the studies of nutrition. With that being said, there is a great need and desire for nutritionists to continue learning about their career and the impact that medicine-related issues have on it.

Both CCNs and CNSs must continue with their education to keep their certifications valid. A CCN will need to have 40 hours of continuing education credits every two years, and CNS will need to have 75 continuing education credits every five years. After those conditions have been met, you will be eligible to re-certify with each respective Board.

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