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Salary of a Nutritionist in Idaho

Nutritionist Salaries in Idaho

The statewide average nutritionist salary in Idaho is $49,000. Since you are new to this profession, it is likely that you will begin by earning less than the state average, mostly because you don’t have much professional experience as a nutritionist in Idaho. However, this is completely normal in the early years of your career in nutrition. As you enhance your skills, continue your education, and develop a reputation as a qualified nutritionist, you will find that your salary in Idaho will continue to rise with each passing year.

The projected growth for the field of nutrition, as predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is about 9% until the year 2018. As the population in this country continues to age, the necessitated need for nutritional invention and disease prevention will continue to be in demand. This means that nutritionists in Idaho should see a higher demand for their skills and continued opportunities for employment.

The salary of a nutritionist in Idaho can also vary based on the type of facility. In 2008, general medical centers and nursing care facilities were identified to be among the highest paying jobs for nutritionists in Idaho.

To give you an idea of how geographical location can also impact your salary, these are some figures for nutritionists in Idaho by city:

  • Boise: $41,000
  • Idaho Falls: $41,000
  • Pocatello: $39,000
  • Meridian: $41,000

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