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Salary of a Nutritionist in Iowa

Nutritionist Salaries in Iowa

The typical salary of a nutritionist in Iowa is $58,000 a year, which is much more than the estimated national average of $50,590. Newly licensed and certified nutritionists in Iowa should expect to earn a little bit less than the state average since they are just starting out in their careers. As with any career, the goal of nutritionists in Iowa is to build a rapport for their competency and skill, thereby increasing their annual potential.

Because the median age of the population in this country continues to rise, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 9% increase in demand for qualified nutritionists through the year 2018, demonstrating great potential for newer nutritionists to snag job opportunities. Because nutrition plays a vital role in the treatment method of various age-related illnesses, nutritionists in Iowa should most definitely be in higher demand.

You should also be aware that the type of facility you choose to work in can affect your salary. While credentials and experience are undoubtedly the top factors for determining salary, facility type can make a slight difference as well. In fact, it was reported by the BLS in 2008 that nutritionists in Iowa were paid more annually in outpatient care centers than any other facility.

Consider also that geographic location influences salary. Here you will see some of average nutritionist salaries in Iowa by city:

  • Des Moines: $48,000
  • Cedar Rapids: $55,000
  • Davenport: $52,000

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