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Salary of a Nutritionist in Kansas

Nutritionist Salaries in Kansas

The salary of a nutritionist in Kansas can range from $35,000–$50,000 per year. Like most states, salaries can increase or decrease depending on location, occupation, education level, occupational demand, and career level. Among all these factors, occupational demand and location are the most important.

The demand for nutritionists in Kansas is growing exponentially, and will continue to grow steadily over the next ten to thirty years. Kansas' baby boomer population contributes to a large amount of this growth, as do adults and families looking to lead healthier lives. Nutritionists that serve these populations may see some of the highest salaries for this field.

A nutritionist's pay can also vary based on his location. Nutritionists in Kansas City, for instance, can make between $35,000 and $44,000 per year ( Nutritionists in Topeka, Wichita and Overland Park, on the other hand, can see salaries that vary between $35,000 and $52,000.

Though the cost of living in Overland Park is 18 percent higher than the cost of living in Wichita, Kansas City and Topeka, nutritionists in Wichita receive the highest rate of pay. This can be due to any number of factors, and can be an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking a better quality of life.

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