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Salary of a Nutritionist in Louisiana

Nutritionist Salaries in Louisiana

The salary of a nutritionist in Louisiana is enough to support a small family, allow an individual to live a comfortable and independent life, or help someone realize the impossible dream. With average statewide pay earnings of $47,000 per year and a low variance in salary range, nutritionists in Louisiana can live comfortably no matter their location.

Nutritionist salaries in Louisiana can vary slightly based on a number of factors, including location, cost of living, and career demand. Nutritionists in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport, for example, make between $46,000–$48,000 per year.

Since living costs in Shreveport are about twenty percent below the national average, nutritionists in Shreveport may be able to stretch their salaries even further than their counterparts in New Orleans, where the cost of living is about fifteen percent higher. Nutritionists in Baton Rouge may also have the same advantage in terms of being able to stretch their dollars, as their living costs are about ten percent lower than the national average.

But occupational demand also plays into a nutritionist's quality of life and annual pay. Like any other individual, a nutritionist in Louisiana can assure himself a good salary and quality of life if he chooses an aspect of nutrition that will continually grow over an extended period of time.

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