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Salary of a Nutritionist in Maine

Nutritionist Salaries in Maine

The salary of a nutritionist in Maine is enough to support a single individual or serve as one half of a single-family income. On average, nutritionists in Maine make an average salary of $55,000 per year.

Nutritionists with the highest salaries reside in Bangor, where the average pay rate for an entry to mid-level nutritionist is $51,000 per annum. Nutritionists in Lewiston, Portland, and Sanford are at the median for salary earnings, taking in $53,000–$55,000 per year. Nutritionists in West Scarborough, on the other hand, have the lowest salaries out of their peers. On average, these individuals take in $32,000 per year.

Given that living costs in Portland are among the highest in the state (and that the salaries for nutritionists are at the median), the difference in pay between all these locations may be due to a number of factors. Location, career demand, education level, and position availability are the most influential factors, and the numbers certainly do work in the favor of Maine's nutritionists. With a growing senior population and an increased interest in healthy eating, Maine's nutritionists are sure to
see their day planners fill up and their salaries rise as the senior population continues to grow.

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