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Salary of a Nutritionist in Michigan

Nutritionist Salaries in Michigan

Right now the average annual salary for nutritionists working throughout the United States is $58,000. In comparison, nutritionists employed in Michigan are earning an only slightly lower salary average of $57,000. However, these salary figures may shift as the industry continues to widen. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 9% employment growth rate for nutritionists across the country from 2006 to 2016. This growth may effectively create approximately 5,600 new job positions for nutritionists and dietitians by 2016, with will likely result in more employment availability for nutritionists in Michigan as well. As more nutritionists continue to enter into the field, salary averages will continue to diversify both nationally and locally.

There are several ways that professionals can individually influence nutritionist salaries in Michigan. For instance, nutritionists that earn training in specialized aspects of nutrition often become more valuable to employers, and thus earn higher salaries. Some area of specialty in nutrition include: pediatrics, eating disorders, and menu planning. Furthermore, nutritionists that strive to earn advanced degrees (like a master or doctorate degree) are usually rewarded with higher salary offers. Finally, although nutrition certification is required in Michigan, nutritionists that continue to gain additional certifications that are field-related can greatly increase their marketability and salary earning potential as well.

Since, salary averages can differ greatly between cities, here are the salary averages for some of the biggest cities in Michigan:

Detroit:  $53,000/yr
Grand Rapids:  $46,000/yr
Warren:  $53,000/yr
Flint:  $44,000/yr
Lansing:  $48,000/yr

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