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Salary of a Nutritionist in Nebraska

Nutritionist Salaries in Nebraska

The average nutritionist salary in Nebraska is $53,000 a year, which is just above the national average of $50,590. In general, newly employed nutritionists in Nebraska will earn slightly less than the state average. However, this is mainly due to a lack of experience in the field, and your experience will continue to grow as your persevere in your job as a nutritionist.

There are also expected to be lucrative career opportunities for nutritionists in Nebraska in the coming years. Overall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 9% increase in the demand for qualified nutritionists. As the population continues to age and the natural process of aging causes health problems, the need for medical nutritional therapy will undoubtedly grow.

It is important to keep in mind, also, that experience is not the only factor affecting the salary of a nutritionist in Nebraska; facility type is influential as well. According to the BLS, in 2008, the highest-paying jobs for nutritionists were outpatient care centers, whereas lower paying jobs were found in government facilities and specialty food services. Regardless of how important salary is to you, you should choose a place of employment that makes you feel respected and comfortable.

Because geographic location is another factor which affects salary, the list below details some of the nutritionist salaries in Nebraska by city:

  • Omaha: $46,000
  • Lincoln: $47,000
  • Bellevue: $46,000
  • Grand Island: $47,000

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