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Salary of a Nutritionist in New Jersey

Nutritionist Salaries in New Jersey

The average nutritionist salary in New Jersey is $62,000 annually. Things like degree level, experience, and geographic location can have a large impact on the amount of money that you earn each year. Let’s take a look at some of the average salaries in some of major cities in New Jersey.

These are the average annual salaries for major cities in New Jersey:

  • Newark: $72,000
  • Jersey City: $72,000
  • Paterson: $72,000
  • Edison: $73,000
  • Camden: $53,000
  • Trenton: $56,000

Education from an Accredited Agency

In the absence of state licensure requirements, it becomes that much more important for you to use your education as a solid foundation to build your career. The first step in building that solid foundation is obtaining your education from a reputable school.

As you begin your search for a nutritionist school, you will soon learn that the State of New Jersey has a large selection to offer. This works as a great advantage to you by giving you the power to pick and choose the school with the best academic program and the one that best fits your personal needs.

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