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Salary of a Nutritionist in New Mexico

Nutritionist Salaries in New Mexico

The average nutritionist salary in New Mexico, as with the entire United States, will be closely related to the level of education and certification gained.  There is a competitive aspect to this field and your chances of beating out competition in the job market will be greatly enhanced if you can gather the necessary education and clinical experience that will set you apart from your peers.  Finding a niche and specializing in it will also help to solidify your chances of success in this profession.  There are many areas available for specialization. Some of these are as clinical nutritionists that work mostly in hospitals, community nutritionists whose work focuses on community-orientated goals and organizations, food-service nutritionists found managing more institutionalized feeding found in jails, nursing homes, and schools, and pediatric nutritionists who work with nutritional health for children.

Salary is affected by geographical location, level of demand for persons trained as nutritionists, and the specific type of employment sought.  Take a minute to review the following cities in New Mexico and their reported average annual salaries for a simplified picture of salary potential.

Albuquerque, New Mexico:  $44,000
Las Cruces, New Mexico:  $46,000
Santa Fe, New Mexico:  $45,000
Rio Rancho, New Mexico:  $44,000
Roswell, New Mexico:  $49,000

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