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Salary of a Nutritionist in New York

Nutritionist Salaries in New York

The nutritionist salary in New York is, on average, around $68,000 per year, although several factors can influence that number: namely, experience, education, and location.
Here is a list of the average annual income for some of the larger cities in New York:

  • Manhattan: $72,000
  • Brooklyn: $72,000
  • Bronx: $72,000
  • Queens: $73,000
  • Syracuse: $53,000
  • Buffalo: $48,000
  • Rochester: $47,000
  • Albany: $49,000

Accrediting Organizations

Generally, this state requires that the educational institution of choice be recognized for their program in nutrition by the United States Department of Education; however, the most preferable accrediting agency is the American Dietetic Association Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education.

As a subsection of the American Dietetic Association, this group is readily known and recognized for their contribution and dedication to nutrition and its place in the community. Choosing a school that has achieved this accreditation not only allows you to continue in that state licensing process, but it also signifies to the industry that you have a valuable education in nutritional studies.

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