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Salary of a Nutritionist in North Carolina

Nutritionist Salaries in North Carolina

As Americans continue to become more health-conscious, the outstanding number of baby boomers continues to age, and the population continues to increase, the field of healthcare will continue to be the fastest growing in the United States; employing more people than any other single industry.  The specific field of nutrition is expected to experience an average rate of growth as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Job openings for nutritionists in North Carolina will match this predicted trend and these positions will be found mostly in the areas of private practice, schools systems, public health agencies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, education, research, business and industry.

The average nutritionist salary in North Carolina is dependent largely on what sector of employment a professional is employed by.  Traditionally, the private sector pays more than public but the strong benefits packages offered by public or government employers can definitely outweigh those offered by the private sector.

Nutritionist salaries in North Carolina are also affected by geographical location of the position and the population density of the area in which one is employed.  This is often driven by the higher cost of living in a city verses a rural area. The following are some average annual salaries for cities in North Carolina:

Charlotte, North Carolina:  $51,000
Raleigh, North Carolina:  $56,000
Greensboro, North Carolina:  $47,000
Durham, North Carolina:  $56,000
Winston-Salem, North Carolina:  $46,000
Fayetteville, North Carolina:  $52,000

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