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Salary of a Nutritionist in North Dakota

Nutritionist Salaries in North Dakota

Deciding to become a certified nutritionist in North Dakota is to solidify a sound foundation for a satisfying career that can change and evolve over your lifetime with a plentitude of avenues to pursue within the profession.  The nutritionist salary in North Dakota will vary depending on the level of education achieved and the time and specifics of real-world work experience. 

The salaries for nutritionists also fluctuate for each different area of specialization and geographical location.  Some examples of average annual salaries for a certified nutritionist in North Dakota in various cities are as follows:

Fargo, North Dakota:  $43,000
Bismarck, North Dakota:  $60,000
Grandforks, North Dakota:  $42,000
Minot, North Dakota:  $44,000

As you can see, there is a great difference between Bismarck and the rest of the state.  It is good to remember that there are many other variable to take into consideration when analyzing potential salaries.  A salary increase can be expected with a higher level of education.  Entering into a masters program will greatly enhance your earning potential. Some of these areas of specialization include pediatric nutrition, renal nutrition, nutrition support and diabetes education, administrative, business or consulting nutritionist.

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