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Salary of a Nutritionist in Ohio

Nutritionist Salaries in Ohio

The average nutritionist salary in Ohio is affected by many variables.  These included the level of education achieved, the amount of work experience held, specialization, level of accreditation, geographical area, amount of demand for trained nutritionist, cost of living, and the list goes on. However, you will see some reported average annual salaries for specific locations in Ohio to give you an idea of how much money nutritionists in Ohio are making.

The following are average Nutritionist salaries in some of Ohio's major cities:

Columbus, Ohio:  $48,000
Cleveland, Ohio:  $48,000
Cincinnati, Ohio:  $48,000
Akron, Ohio:  $39,000
Dayton, Ohio:  $48,000

Driven by an aging population that is on the rise, the healthcare industry in Ohio, and the profession of nutritionist specifically, is projected to continue to grow throughout the year 2018. The increased awareness of diabetes and obesity in the United States has led to Medicare changing their policy to include medical nutrition therapy in their coverage, opening up many jobs for nutritionists who area specialized in this area.  Increased interest in health education and nutritional options will spur growth and demand for trained professionals in Ohio hospitals who will provide nutritional counseling and food service management. There is a movement in the institutional nutritional realm to outsource food management to private companies, and there will be demand for trained nutritionist within these companies.

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