Salary of a Nutritionist in Oregon

Nutritionist Salaries in Oregon

Based on a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for nutritionists in Oregon is quite positive.  Jobs will continue to open up and the demand for trained professionals in this field will increase in Oregon.  Salaries differ from each area of specialization but the national average reports the following median annual wages for the common areas in which a nutritionist may be employed:

Outpatient care centers:  $52,120
General medical and surgical hospitals:  $51,390
Nursing care facilities:  $51,110
Local government:  $47,390
Special food services:  $45,410

Another way to gauge average salaries is to look at some different cities in the state, such as Portland, Salem Eugene and Gresham and compare:

Portland, Oregon:  $49,000
Salem, Oregon:  $46,000
Eugene, Oregon:  $50,000
Gresham, Oregon:  $55,000

There can be competition for positions in this field but if you pursue specialization in a niche and become an expert in that area, you should have no problem making a secure and lucrative career for yourself in this section of the healthcare industry in the state of Oregon.  As with most careers, you will be monetarily rewarded and respected in your field in direct proportion to the amount of education and experience you possess. There is always a starting point and with a career in nutrition there are endless possibilities on the amount of growth that can be experienced with this career.

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