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Salary of a Nutritionist in Rhode Island

Nutritionist Salaries in Rhode Island

The healthcare profession of nutritionist in Rhode Island is one that offers its professionals endless avenues for growth and advancement, and the nutritionist salary in Rhode Island reflects this.  The nutritionist profession is one that provides people with information that helps them make better choices for their health while enhancing their quality of living on a daily basis.  This makes for a very rewarding career both personally and monetarily.

There are many ways a nutritionist can be promoted within this field.  Some examples of ways to advance include moving into managerial positions such as director of a dietetic department, or food management services for state or federal institutions, or even self-employment by offering services as a consultant.  Specializing is another way to advance and enhance salary in Rhode Island.  Some areas of specialization include renal, diabetic, cardiovascular and pediatric nutrition.  Another avenue open to trained nutritionists is to work with retailers for nutrition-related products or work for pharmaceutical or food manufactures.
Some median salaries reported for the larger cities of Rhode Island as reported by are as follows:

Providence, Rhode Island:  $48,000
Warwick, Rhode Island:  $49,000
Cranston, Rhode Island:  $48,000
Pawtucket, Rhode Island:  $48,000

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