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Salary of a Nutritionist in South Carolina

Nutritionist Salaries in South Carolina

To work as a nutritionist in South Carolina and have the opportunity to provide guidance and support to people in need is to participate in a truly gratifying career.  The average nutritionist salary in South Carolina varies from city to city and is also affected by the individual amount of education and experience held. 

Some examples of nutritionist salaries found across the state are:

Columbia, South Carolina:  $40,000
Charleston, South Carolina:  $44,000
North Charleston, South Carolina:  $44,000
Greenville, South Carolina:  $42,000

Salaries for nutritionists increase with the level of specialization held.  Common for the entire field of healthcare is an escalated occurrence of specialization and this is true for the nutritionist in South Carolina as well.  If you specialize in a certain area of nutrition, you will find your work to be focused on specific age groups, community groups, situations, individuals, or distinct patient care.  If you are interested in pursuing patient care you can then specialize in diabetes, cystic fibrosis or Parkinson’s disease and how nutrition affects each condition for each individual patient. You also have the opportunity to specialize in public health and be employed by a community or social service agency.  Your focus here would be on the nutritional needs of whole populations and identifying community nutritional problems and developing workable solutions. The opportunities to be of service within this field are endless.

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