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Salary of a Nutritionist in South Dakota

Nutritionist Salaries in South Dakota

The typical nutritionist salary in South Dakota is traditionally solid with some variance based on geographical location and level of accreditation held.  A professional nutritionist has the opportunity of advancing within their career to many different levels.  Specialization within this field is common and a sure way to enhance your earning potential and desirability as an employee.  In addition, there is no match for experience when it come to marketability and tipping the scale in your favor when up against competition for sought after positions.  Salary can be affected by all of these aforementioned variables.

The median annual salaries for some cities in South Dakota are as follows:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota:  $44,000
Rapid City, South Dakota:  $44,000
Aberdeen, South Dakota:  $44,000
Watertown, South Dakota:  $46,000

The average salaries in South Dakota for a nutritionist are a fraction lower than the average for the rest of the nation.  However, the cost of living in South Dakota is also less than the rest of the United States and the lower salary is offset by the lower cost of housing, fuel, utilities, food and entertainment, making way for a high quality of life in this state.  In addition to a it being a monetarily rewarding career, working as a professional nutritionist and helping people make better choices about what they put into their bodies is a personally rewarding career as well.

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